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We are Artihc Technologies , partner with our customers to create new products and services, streamline operations, and optimize collaboration across all groups and boundaries. Our talented workforces which include an extensive community of Technology experts combined with a track record of winning projects, our efficient development processes, successful delivery of effectively designed custom applications on-time and within budget are just a few indicators of our strengths.

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  • Surjyasen Rd, Gora Bazar, Berhampore, West Bengal 742101
  • +91 8001589855/7602092863
  • support@artihctechnologies.com
  • Week Days: 10 AM To 8 PM Sunday: Closed


  • Newtown,Kolkata, West Bengal 700157
  • +91 9609861166
  • support@artihctechnologies.com
  • Week Days: 10 AM To 8 PM Sunday: Closed


  • Bangladesh, Road-4, Banasree,Rampura, Dhaka - 1219
  • +91 9609861166/ 8001589855
  • support@artihctechnologies.com
  • Week Days: 10 AM To 8 PM Sunday: Closed

We offer the following courses

Industry Oriented Training   UpTo Date Course Structure   Experience Developer as Faculty    Live project with cloud hosting   100% Placement Support   Professional Certification

PHP Web Development

Object Oriented PHP, PHP Frameworks, MVC Architecture, AJAX, Jquery, Codeigniter, Wordpress

Asp .Net Web Development

OOPS Concept,C# Programming, MVC Architecture, AJAX, Jquery, .Net Controls, LINQ, Web Service
Web Designing

Web Page Design,HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Java Script, AJAX, Jquery, Dream Weaber, Adobe Illustrator

Android App Development

Android (kitkat), Sqlite Database, JSON Parsing, Google Map API Config, Facebook Integration, Firebase

Mean Stack Development

HTML,CSS, Js, Angular Compoents, Databinding, Directives, Pipes, Routes, Navigation, Dependency Injection, Forms, Validation, Node Js Basics, NPM,Call Back Concept, Modules, Events, Buffer, Express Framework, REST API, scaling application, serve static resources, Mongo DB Basics and Advanced, database concept, collection, document, data models, data types, replication in MongoDB, backup & restore data

Full Stack Development

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Client Side JQuery, Angular Overview, Installation, Angular Components and Databinding, Directives and Pipes in Angular, Angular Routes and Navigation, Angular Services and Dependency Injection, Angular Forms and Validation, Back-end API Development using PHP, PHP Basics, Database, AJAX, MVC, OOPS, Web Service, Project

Web Development with Python Django

Python Programming Basics, Syntax, Identifer, Keywords, Data Types, List, Tuples,Conditional Logic, Operators, Functions, File System, Django Basics, MVC, Template, Admin Interface, Forms and validation, Generic Views, CURD operations

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Subhojit Halder
Artihc Technologies
July 7, 2020

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PHP Web Development
Starts:August 16,2020

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